How to create your custom-fit pattern

You may want to view the following video that shows a complete run through of the process (Please note the description of the Forum is no longer correct. We now use the Ravelry forum.):

Please click the Forum link above and join the Ravelry group there for Phrancko Sweater Knitters so you may use it to meet others in the community, ask questions, etc. Ravelry of course is a separate website with a separate login.

If you have purchased your yarn and needles and taken your measurements, and have created and measured a gauge swatch, simply click the button below to get started.

If you just need to know how much yarn to purchase, you can do that as follows:

  1. Click the button below and fill in the values as best you know them.
  2. For your gauge measurements, assuming you know the weight of the yarn you will purchase, estimate your gauge as follows:
    Weight 2 (Fine, Sport, Baby): 24 sts and 32 rows / 4 inches
    Weight 3 (Light, DK, Light worsted): 22 sts and 29 rows / 4 inches
    Weight 4 (Medium, Worsted, Afghan, Aran): 18 sts and 24 rows / 4 inches
    Weight 5 (Bulky, Chunky): 13 sts and 17 rows / 4 inches
  3. Closely estimate the measurements of the person you are knitting the sweater for and enter those values:
    • Chest circumference
    • Neck circumference
    • Shoulder to waist or beltline--the actual measure on the person, not the length of a sweater
    • Upper arm circumference
    • Arm circumference at wrist
    • Underarm to wrist
  4. Proceed all the way to the page that asks for your credit card information, but DO NOT PURCHASE THE PATTERN. At the top of the page you will see an estimate of the yardage required for your sweater.
  5. Purchase the yarn you want to use and knit a gauge swatch. If you don't think you need to knit a gauge swatch, please read why that is the most important step in creating a custom-fit sweater.
  6. Take the gauge measurements from the swatch and return to the website to create a new sweater pattern or edit the one that you already created using the correct gauge and measurements.
  7. When you get back to the schematic, review it carefully to make sure all the measurements are exactly what you want. If not, click the series of buttons required to get back to the page to change whatever you need to. Every value you have entered can be edited until you purchase the pattern.
  8. Enter your credit card information and purchase you pattern. It will appear on the next page where you may print it or download it as a PDF using your computer's print mechanism.