Let's knit a sweater with
Phrancko's Seamless Set-in Sleeves

Create custom-fit sweater patterns to your specific size measurements

And make it the exact fit you want with the yarn and needles you choose.

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What kind of sweater?

We will create a pattern for a plain sweater worked from the top down.

It will have set-in sleeves architecture for the best underarm fit possible.

It is worked entirely in the round from the neck down.

And it’s totally seamless!

It does all this by using Phrancko’s Seamless Set-in Sleeve construction.

How difficult is the pattern?

Here's a SAMPLE PATTERN if you would like to check it out. (Note: It is not custom-fit for any particular baby or size.)

The Craft Yarn Council would characterize the pattern as either “Intermediate” or "Complex.”

If you can knit Stockinette Stitch, work basic increases and decreases, cast on and bind off, then you can knit this sweater!

If you can also work a provisional cast-on, you can avoid the underarm bind-off and picked up stitches, but that is completely optional.

Why is it a perfect fit?

You specify the measurements of the person who will wear it, not the dimensions of the sweater itself.

You choose the fit you would like on that person, whether tight, standard, or roomy...or even snug, form-fitting, or oversized, all based on the amount of ease you desire.

You create only one swatch using the yarn, needles, and pattern you wish to use to determine the gauge of your personalized pattern.

In short, the pattern is written to your specifications of size and possibly multiple fits for one person using your particular stitch and row gauge.

Why would I want to make a plain sweater?

In its simplest form, you can use the colorways, fiber, or yarn weight that you like. You can even work it in lace or any stitch pattern you choose as long as you swatch that for your gauge measurements.

You add stripes very easily by simply changing colors as you work.

You can add interest and complexity by including bands of stranded color work anywhere or everywhere below the neckline.

With a little more planning and some alterations in stitch counts, you can make it as complex as you like by adding cables.

Use the basic pattern as a starting point to create your own design using Phrancko's Seamless Set-In Sleeves construction.

Who is Phrancko?

Custom-fit knitted sweater patterns avatar

My real name is Frank H. Jernigan. My Ravelry name is "Phrancko".

Certified Master Hand Knitter by The Knitting Guild Association in August, 2017.

Pattern designer, published in Cast On magazine.

Developer of Phrancko’s Seamless Set-In Sleeves sweater construction.


Former Google software engineer and the developer of this website.